Townscape of Roros
(Roros, Norway)

Due to the high latitude, in Norway, the majority of the cities locate along the sea and the fjord where the climate is relatively warm by Gulf Stream. Roros is an exceptional town which locates in the inland. It was a town developed by a copper mine. In the winter, the temperature lowered to -50 C degree.

After the copper mine were closed, the town was decaying. But, by being designated as the World Heritage, the townscape is being maintained as a tourism resource.

The base of the townscape is a log house. Some houses are covered with board and are finished with colorful paint. According the house, the color is various. One of the reasons that those are painted differently is discriminating each one in the snowstorm.

The turf on the roof is thatched on the bark of white birch and soil on the bark. Since the turf absorbs the water, the humidity in the roof by snow lowers. Even now, this kind of roof is used in general in Norway, but, it will be only in Roros that such a big number of the houses thatched with turf exists.

Don't image that Roros is an old-fashioned and not modernized town due to this traditional and aged townscape. If you observe detailedly, you will find antennas for satellite broadcasting and houses with modern interior.

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6 hours 30 minutes by train from Oslo and 2 hours and 30 minutes by train from Trondheim.

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Townscape of Roros

Photo by Daigo Ishii