(Stockholm, Sweden)

This cemetery locates at the distance of 15 minutes from the downtown of Stockholm.

In the landscape of cemetery designed by Erik Gunnar Asplund, the architectures designed by Asplund and Sigurd Lewerentz are scattered.

Connecting with modernism, the design of Asplund is also abundant of the topos, respect for the landscape and relation with the nature which the modernism abandoned. It is a work with various view points which suggest after the modernism.

When they walk around here, they will find the attraction. Through the contrast and rhythm such as opened place and closed place, balance of lawn and woods, sunny place and shade and gentle updown, their five senses and physical condition are activated.

Although the big crucifix on the slope of lawn is famous, the cemetery is opened for all religion. The crucifix in the interior is movable as corresponding according to the sect of religion.

In contrast to the gentle and calm architecture with metaphor of nature by Asplund, the architecture by Lewerentz has an strict and dramatic atmosphere, and, the Catholic is said to prefer the hall by Leverents.

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Get off at Skogskyrkongarden station. It takes 15 minutes by metro from the downtown of Stockholm.




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Skogskyrkgarden (1915 - 1940)

Photo by Daigo Ishii