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Taliesin West - 1
(Phoenix, Arizona, USA)

The studio which Frank Lloyd Wright built in Wisconsin of northern United States is the Taliesin. In 1937, he constructed the Taliesin West in this Phoenix in order to avoid from the cold winter. He and the stuff repeated the life that they spent the winter in this warm land and went back to the Taliesin in the northern region when the warm season came.

In general, the environment-conscious life style means that they continue living in the same place in all seasons, devising heat insulation or air-conditioning or utilizing natural energy. However, if the problem of an initial cost is set side, the style like Wright who passed the winter in a warm place and the summer in a cool place may be just an ideal.

Even if the interior environment is advanced, it is impossible to control the weather of outdoor. So, a doctor recommended to sick Wright to stay in Wisconsin in the summer and Arizona in the winter. That is a good life style for the body and the health to go back and forth according to the seasons between the places where the state of the interior and outdoor has no much gap.

However, just now when IT technology is progressed, the circumstances that they can work anywhere has been realized. But, the time when Wright lived was different from now. Both of his power to execute that and rich clients who showed an understanding of such a style must be a prerequisite in order to persist his style.

The foundation which Wright founded still manages an architecture school. Students are studying, repeating going back and forth between the Taliesin and the Taliesin West. At the beginning of May when I visited, the guide spoke that the members would move to Wisconsin at that weekend, so I could experience the architecture just at the turing point of the season.

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50 minutes by car from downtown Phoenix.

Taliesen West

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Frank Lloyd Wright's Encounter with the Arizona Desert - Quarterly 2010.02 issue' (Bruce Brooks Pfeiffer, The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, 2010)
"建築ガイドブックーフランク・ロイド・ライト" (Arlene Sanderson、水上優訳、丸善、2008)

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Taliesin West (1937)

Photo by Daigo Ishii