Open-air Architecture Museum - 1
(Oslo, Norway)

Do you know what the word Loft is derived from?

The answer is Norwegian. The origin of the word means barn in the farm. The photo of below on the right hand is the loft. It has a form with second floor that projects from the first floor and is used for livestock and grain. The local patterns that are attached on the column or handrail suggests the background connecting with the local religion.

Skansen in Stockholm was a first museum where the abandoned traditional architectures were collected in the open air space. Although they feel it as a little old-fashioned now, the birth of the museum was epoch-making one century ago. In Scandinavia, there are many similar museum. The museum in Oslo is one of those and the level of collection is higher than Skansen.

The huts thatched with turf and log houses covered with board are common in Scandinavia peninsula, but, the architectures such as lofts, a Stavechurch and houses finished with rose pattern are peculiar in Norway. The only complaint is that there are too many architectures.

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Norwegian Museum of Cultural History



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Open-air Architecture Museum - Loft

Photo by Daigo Ishii