Residential Area in Oslo
(Oslo, Norway)

If Someone asks to me where the most comfortable city for living between the cities I have visited, I will answer that it is Oslo or Taipei. Mr. Hiroshi Hara of architect who is my master agreed for Oslo, so, don't you believe in it ?

Oslo hardly has nothing as a tourism attraction. Except the open-air architecture museum, the townscape is not notable, and the city doesn't have big accumulation of culture or commercial facilities. The attraction is usualness with proper size of city.

It is a city with a population of 500,000. It seems warm considering latitude by Gulf Stream and the geographic condition that the city locates at the depths of fjord. The city faces the sea with the mountain in the back. They experience the richness of the landscape by getting on the metro. As soon as the metro goes out of the downtown, it appear on the ground, and the altitude is rising by 10 meters every a station. After 30 minutes, they will arrive at the residential area at 200 meters above sea level. It is as if it were a cable car.

The majority of the photos are taken in the residential area with distance of 10 minutes by metro. The area is not crowded as Tokyo, but it is not also spacious as USA. The houses locate with proper distance between the neighboring houses, and the size of house is cozy for the size of site. The site is not closed by high fence or wall and the houses scatter quite relaxingly. The design of each house is divers, but it is not noisy. It may be the effect of the distance between the neighborhood.

It seems to me that the towncape and the sense of the distance, that each one lives carefreely but the comfort is maintained, also shows the open structure of Norwegian society.

Transportation : 10 minutes by metro to the attractive residential area around Smestad station.

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10 minutes by metro to the attractive residential area around Smestad station.




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Residential Area in Oslo, Norway

Photo by Daigo Ishii