Townscape of Czesky Krumlov
(Czesky Kromlov, Czech)

In Europe are still many towns which supports the rank as a city though it locates at the place apart from the main route of transportation and the industry decayed.

Czesky Krumulov is one of those cities. It locates at the recesses of a mountain where it takes 1 hour from the town on the main route. The downtown is a calm town designated as the World Heritage.

The attraction of this town is being collected compactly the elements necessary for European small town. Over the town gate, the castle rises, the old townscape expands, the river meander, the bridge crosses, and the small street net with plaza in the center updowns. The town has a proper size adequate to waking.

The size of each building is not also big. The buildings with heavy stone facade are rare and many architectures are finished with charming style such as a local technique called Sgraffito similar to Trompe-l'oeil or a picture painted on the wall. It gives the sense of human scale to this town.

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4 hors by train from Prague to Czesky Krumlov.




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Townscape of Czesky Krumlov

Photo by Daigo Ishii