Supplement to Sri Lanka : Dogs in Sri Lanka (Everywhere, Sri Lanka)

The proprieties of nationality appear in familiar things. For example, bikes in Taiwan and Maldives, religious mendicancy in Myanmar and bicycles in China as well. Or, in Colombia and Venezuela, they are communicating with dance, regardless of age. In Sri Lanka, it was a dog that I found at traveling there.

That would be the difference of culture of how to keep a dog ? Japanese dog is unmannered meanwhile a dog knows its place in most countries of the third world. If a dog disobeys human beings, it can not have a food and it lives by a tiny share of people, so it is not satisfied with food and slender. If it rises up against people, it may beaten. In such world, it has learnt hierarchical relationship properly, so it is rare to bark on people.

That is similar to other countries so far, but a dog in Sri Lanka is special because its expression is stress free in the extent rare to be seen in other countries. Even either in the middle of a road where a lot of people come and go or on a roadside, it naturally takes a nap blithefully. At the beginning, I thought that the corpse of a dog was thrown away since it was motionless. It is defenseless and sleeping deeply.

People are used to it too. As long as it does not do bad things, there are no people who kicks away a dog just as rude to bar the way. Everyone avoid as usual. If it follows the minimum necessary rule, people accept it. Since a dog understands that people threaten it, it can throw itself with confidence.

Even though Sri Lanka has ethnic problems, I felt that each people is tolerant and warm through the travel of Sri Lanka. That behavior is not directed toward only a traveler but is in the ground part of Sri Lankan People. In this country, a dog must fulfill its role that reflects such state of the society briefly.

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Dogs seen in Here and there in Sri Lanka

Photo by Daigo Ishii