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The impression that I had after walking around Singapore was insipidity like “movie set”.

It is a beautiful town and old architectures still remain, but when turing the corner, they can not expect the pleasure of town walking that an unexpected scenery appears. Everywhere is also properly maintained too much, so they can not find their own scenery.

Instead the town offers shopping. Even so, brand shops, which are uniform throughout the world, is not enough as the reason for coming to Singapore. The Peranakan culture which reflected Malay taste in Chinese culture is pretty, but stimulation that the melting pot of races produces is still insufficient.

It is easy to live. Even if it is safe for a beginner of abroad travel, but it is not somewhat satisfactory for a seasoned traveler. It is natural that the Singaporean government is suffering from decrease of repeaters.

However, what actually such town was built in Southeast Asia right on the equator was an miracle.

Singapore's independence, which had been a British colony, was 1965. They had to become independent due to being abandoned from Malaysia rather than they had expected from the heart.

In Singapore in that time, conflict between communists and anti-communists was active in the small country. Ethnic conflicts also added to it. Confusion was extremely serious. The country lost the back shield of Britain and the pet trade of collecting commodities was sluggish by being excluded from neighboring countries.

The citizen had lived a tough life. A person who appeared in such Singapore at the nadir was Lee Kuan Yew who later became the prime minister. What he did was to create a country that is democratic, economically stable, clean and rich in the land without base like Western Europe.

In “The Singapore Story: Memoirs of Lee Kuan Yew”, he describes in detail and vividly as to change institutions and customs in the maneuvering of hostile forces and citizens' opposition.

Actually, insipidity is the result that prime minister Lee improved one by one the system that stagnated.

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Townscape of Singapore


Photo by Daigo Ishii