Uptown of Colombo (Colombo, Sri Lanka)

Colombo's high-end residential area is located about 2 kilometers from the center, between the Vihala Maha Dawee Park called as the Victoria Park where the colonial architecture. The scenery of the old days that the cinnamon plantation had spread was now completely overwhelmed with the city and only the place name remains.

Only the street trees are impressive, but modest mansions would be the reflection of the Sri Lankan economy ?

There are no many authentic mansions which have a large front garden facing a street and the main building behind it. A building itself is not small, but most are approaching a street with a fence, so the site doesn’t seem to be very wide. The reason why a pool indispensable in a rich family in the tropical zone is hardly seen would be because of the small site ? Or, that might be a reflection of the financial condition of the rich ?

I had thought that a colonial architecture built in the proper way was the most status in the country of the third world which had been colonized, but most in Colombo were a simplified colonial style or a humble contemporary architecture. Those were modest. If mansions had owned a big site and a building had only gotten glimpses with trees, the presence would be weakened, but, in reality, buildings designed disjointedly stand close in disorder since buildings continues along a street.

The common point is red tiles on a roof, but it is overestimated to appreciate that it made consideration with townscape. In this country, it is standard from an ordinary house to a temple, and is durable, affordable to the climate and reasonable.

For better or worse, a loose air of a high-end residential area in the third world is restrained.If it shows smallness of social disparity, that is fine. But, the reality would be that the economic stagnation that comes from the instability of the political situation is reflected in the rich’s earnings, eventually in the house ? A high-end residential area is also an indicator that reflects the country.

The real estate price of a residence are 800,000 to 1 million US dollars for 300 square meter of site and a two stories’ house of about 400 square meters. Is it a really good buy, or no?

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Uptown of Colombo

Photo by Daigo Ishii