Tombstone Town - 2
(Tombstone, Arizona, USA)

However, I never disappointed. Roughness of the townscape. A dusty and unnecessarily wide road which size would have be based on the width in the time of a carriage, and the scenery of a desert with a rocky mountain, which spreads beyond the end of a road, enhanced frontier-likeness and produced an unforgettable charm. It was a strangely comfortable place for me.

The townscape had been not outstanding during the period when similar towns existed all over the region, but, now, the lapse of about 1 century brings a taste to the town even if architectural abundance lacks. The effect and the greatness of elapsed time is obvious.

According to Wikipedia, development of tourism brought various problems. For example, a new building was built in old fashion without any basis and hung up the date of completion freely and an old building was renovated in a oerfunctory way. National Park Service, which is in charge of a historical district, indicated that those were unsuitable and asked for the improvement.

The dusty road seems to be the result that an asphalt pavement was removed and was returned to the original ground even if I could not confirm the circumstances on the website of National Park Service. I didn't feel anything unnatural between an authentic building and a new building designed like old one to a mere glance unlike the indication of National Park Service. That would be because a new building precisely reflects the roughness which this place keeps although it has not been confirmed to have been intended ?

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1.5 hour from downtonw Tucson

CIty of Tombstone
Tombstone Web - Tombstone Arizona Tourist Information
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Tombstone Web - Tombstone Arizona Tourist Information

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Townscape of Tombstone Historical District

Photo by Daigo Ishii