Roosebelt Row
(Phoenix, Arizona, USA)

A habit into which I fall in life in Japan is a nap in a train or a bus.

Such a habit of mine had come out in a train which ran a slum in the Third World. Also in up-to-date LRT in Phoenix, I had slept soundly because of riding comfort. Incidentally, the vehicle is the products made from the Kinki Sharyo Railroad Cars Co. Ltd. of Japan. When I waked up, I had ridden past the downtown located my hotel far. On the way which I returned with exhausted condition caused by the waking, an uncanny crowd went into my eyes and I got down without hesitation. It was 8:00 p. m..

A big street became a pedestrian precinct and it is like a festival. However, observe closely, things which spread on the stalls are only paintings, objects, designed T-shirts or something like those. "What is here?"

A woman like persons concerned who sat at the reception desk at a crossroads was kicking her heels, so I asked her "Who has organized?". She answered me as "the Democratic Party." "What ?" Look closely, the handbill of President Obama was placed on the desk (I Visited there in 2008). It was the support collection of the Democratic Party. That was my misapprehension. I got her to show the way and went to the sponsor's tent.

The Roosevelt Row is the name of NPO. They tried to reactivate by the power of art the ruined Roosevelt street lined with historical buildings. Everywhere all over the world, the last hope for remodeling a town would be only an contemporary art ?

This Art Walk is opened at the 1st Friday night once a month by the NPO who renovated old buildings along the street into a contemporary art gallery. The charge of installation of a tent is 50 dollars, and performance on the street is no charge.
Those were filling a 1.5-km street without a break.

There were paintings, rock music, costume play dancing or designed goods. It was into "Independants" state that amateurs and professionals were exhibiting freely and doing performance. To be frank, there were few wonderful works, and, except one house restaurant and one fast food restaurant, I could find no places to eat. I wonder if visitors came here after the dinner.

Here was a night market where visitors only walked around without car. Thousands of crowds gathered and many families with their small children was in walking though it was nearby at 10:00 p. m.. The biggest fruit on this day was a scene that "a young couple changes the child's diaper in front of a door of a contemporary art gallery in the midnight." It isn't like a famous surrealism phrase by Lautreamont, is it?

In Phoenix rare to see those who are walking, a block full of the crowd may be just cool rather than an art or delicious food.

I thought it was nice because it opened at the late night on Friday instead of the daytime of a weekend. The power of night, which differed from the healthy daytime and tolerated the pure and impure, joined with the energy of a young city with the highest leading growth rate in the United States. I might assist at the moment when an unrefined but new movement was just appearing.

Occasionally a nap is a nice thing.

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10 minutes by LRT from downtown Phoenix to Roosevelt/Central Avenue Station.

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Roosebelt Row

Photo by Daigo Ishii