Residential Quarters of Singapore (Singapore)

The entrance of Nassim Road is around a little uphill near Orchard which is the biggest shopping area in Singapore.

Along the avenue of big trees suitable for a high-end residential area in the tropical zone, luxury condominiums are lined for a while. Since the exterior appearance is beautiful and most of condominiums keep up the recent design vocabulary, those must be built up in recent years after old mansions had been torn down. High cost finish, adequate size of building, spacious site are clearly differentiated from a high-rise apartment for general citizen in Singapore.

However, around here may be a place for newcomers' executives. After a while, it switches to a residential area with a vaster lot than they magine from the narrow land area or a high-dense residential area for general citizen.

Occasionally, there are sites cut out to several residences. Even such sites are quite large buta residence in a lot is visible and still within general feeling so far. However, when it comes to a real mansion, only a part of the building can be glimpsed from the road beyond the garden or trees that have been carefully maintained. You can recognize the information that it is quite big and roofed with red tiles, but it is too far to judge about whether it is an old-fashioned colonial building or not.

That way, the rhythm itself that buildings and the information faintly appear and disappear is unique to the first class residential area.

Depending on the exchange rate, the initial salary of a university graduate in Singapore surpasses Japan now. Meanwhile, Singapore has a tough side that the results of the junior high school and high school entrance examination decide about whether they can take the elite course or no and the revenge is mostly impossible for one defeated. However, Lee Kwan Yew's policy improved even the living standard of general citizen, and, in such situation, the residents in this area adquire a high income. So, this high-end residential area is slightly different from other countries of the third world where disparity of rich and poor makes rich people appear.

The surprise of walking on Nassim Road is that there is no way to get through to other streets for nearly 2 kilometers. If you start walking, you can not retire it before arriving at the Botanical Gardens at the end.

And, a sidewalk, which continues from the Orchard for a while, ceases to exist in the middle, and then only a roadway leads. There are no people to pass by one another.

Namely, in Singapore where taxes on cars are tremendously high, it is an area that refuses euphemistically others except the special class people who can hold a car, apart from a servant.

On the other hand, there is neither an inspection nor a surveillance camera as well as no fence. The Nassim Road tells not only the state of riches in Singapore but also the maturity and peace of the society.

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5 minutes walk from "Orchard" to the southern entrance of ”Nassim Road”.




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Townscape of residential quarters in Singapore

Photo by Daigo Ishii