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Hakkoda Hotel - 2
(Aomori city, Aomori, Japan)

Cozy hotel, it is the impression while staying at the Hakkoda Hotel.

The best thing is silence. The environment that is isolated from the outside world, the interior which is considered to sounds, few unnecessary visitors. The staff don't speak except necessary words.

Common facility of this hotel is only the restaurant and it has neither banquet hall nor conference facility accompanying most hotels. And the policy that the hotel has kept since the opening is that it don't put any advertisements. They think that good guests should visit here only by word of mouth rather than the mixture of good and bad guests come by the effect of advertisement. Therefore, visitors are limited.

All the staff are from this Aomori prefecture and transfer between the Hokkoda Hotel and the Sugayu Onsen Hot Spring Ryokan managed by the same firm. Since they serve all types of guests from nearby farmers in the Sugayu Onsen Hot Spring Ryokan to the guests of the Hakkoda Hotel who pay expensive lodging charges, they have the capability to correspond to all situation. Every staff are calm and kind and their movements are neat but they don't act briskly in vain like an urban hotel so they are quiet and not excessive. Unlike hotels with big chain, the staff's appearance is also the reason of comfort.

The enjoyment of this hotel is also a hot spring. It is warmed because the source is distant, but it does not turn white turbid but is a light green sulfur spring. The smell is weak and the sense touching to a skin is calm. After entering this hot spring, I took a walk in the outside snow, but the warmth remained on the core of my body forever.

The hotel has exceptional service on hot spring. They pick up guests to go to the Sugayu Onsen Hot Spring Ryokan (and the Hakkoda Skiing ground) free of charge whenever the guests want to go during 7:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m.. The guests can enjoy both hot springs and the service is just out of this world for hot spring freak. I also took a bath in both hot springs not only in the morning but also in the afternoon. According to the efficacy, I entered in it too much, but I could not stop it. It was strange that I felt like I returned to the world here below when visiting the Sugayu Onsen Hot Spring Ryokan. In short, staying at the Hakkoda hotel became detoxified.

After enjoying the tranquility and the hot spring, it is the time of meal. The dishes are cooked mainly with local materials like Japanese cuisine, considering to the taste of the material. The guests have a meal, seeing the scenery of the forest. The bread coming with meals was too tasty, so I asked if it was homemade. The answer was that they imported frozen bread from Paris. I was surprised at the luxury I could not imagine.

The deliciousness of Hakkoda's underground water which is prepared in guest room or bathhouse was also unforgettable. It was just the blessing of the forest.

The Hakkoda Hotel was a hotel suitable for the forest in Aomori.

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From Tokyo to Aomori
by train
: 3 hours 20 minutes from “Tokyo Station” to “Shin-Aomori Station” by Shinkansen (high speed train), one service per one hour. Then, 10 minutes from “Shin-Aomori Station” to “Aomori Station” by local train connected with Shinkansen, one service per one hour .
by air : 1 hours 20 minutes from “Tokyo Haneda Airport” to “Aomori Airport”, about 6 services ecah day. 30 minutes by bus from “Aomori Ariport” to “Aomori Station”.

From “Aomori Station” to "Hakkoda Hotel"
70 minutes by bus from "Aomori Station" or " Shin-Aomori Station" to "Sugayu Onsen", 3 - 5 services per day. 10 minutes by private bus for a guest from "Sugayu Onsen" to "Hakkoda Hotel".

Hakkoda Hotel

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"住宅建築1992年2月号" (建築資料研究所, 1992) 

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Hakkoda Hotel

Photo by Daigo Ishii