To the Tsugaru Peninsula :
Ride the Tsugaru Railway
(Tsugaru Peninsula, Aomori, Japan)


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From Tokyo to Gosyogawara
by train
: 3 hours 20 minutes from “Tokyo Station” to “Shin-Aomori Station” by Shinkansen (high speed train), one service per one hour. Then, 30 minutes from “Shin-Aomori Station” to “Kawabe Station” by local train connected with Shinkansen, one service per one hour. 30 minutes by local train from "Kawabe Station" to " Gosyogarawa Station", 1 service per 1 -2 hours.

From “Gosyogawara Station” to "Tsugaru Nakazato Station"
45 minutes byTsugaru Railway from "Gosyogawara Station" to "Tsugaru Nakazato Sation", 1 service per 1 hour. The train with a stove runs 2 services per day in the winter.

Tsugaru Railway

Gosyogawara City Ofiice
Gosyogawara City Tourist Association

Aomori Sightseeng Guide

Accommodations in Gosyogawara


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Tsugaru Railway

Photo by Daigo Ishii