Architecture during the Edo Period in Hirosaki :
Gate of Seigan-ji Temple
(Hirosaki, Aomori, Japan)


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From Tokyo to Hirosaki
by train : 3 hours 20 minutes from “Tokyo Station” to “Shin-Aomori Station” by Shinkansen (high speed train), one service per one hour. Then, 30 minutes from “Shin-Aomori Station” to “Hirosaki Station” by local train connected with Shinkansen, one service per one hour.
by air : 1 hours 20 minutes from "Tokyo Haneda Airport" to "Aomori Airport", about 6 services ecah day. 1 hour by bus from "Aomori Airpor"t to "Hirosaki Station".

From “Hirosaki Station” to “Seigan-ji Temple”
20 minutes by bus from “Hirosaki Station” to “Kogyo-Koko-mae”, 1 - 2 services per hour in the daytime. 5 minutes walk from the bus stop.

Hirosaki City Office
Hirosaki Tourism And Convention Bureau
Hirosaki Inofrmation RIng-O Web

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Cultural Assets in Aomori
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Gate of Seigan-ji Temple (1596)

Photo by Daigo Ishii