A house that locates in the crowded residential area in Tokyo. 3 stories house for parents and 3 children.

It is covered with green. It was a answer for living comfortably in the crowded atomosphere.

All exterior walls are covered with steel mesh fence. This fence is covered with vine and it is named green curtain.

In a part possible to open the window to outside, the opening with bay window is installed in green curtain. In a part impossible to open, the window is opened only to the inside of the green curtain so that they can get the fresh air and soft light. The green curtain has various functions. Heat insulation effect, sound insulation effect, air purifying, privacy protection and presentation of the season.

The site has little inclination. So, the house is planned in the skip floor form utilizing the inclination.

Location :Mitaka, Tokyo

Architect : Daigo Ishii + Future-scape Architects